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We offer three additional ways of transferring statistics technology to your company: consulting, train-the-trainer and creating subject matter experts.

We offer experience-based consulting on a broad range of statistical methods. Such consulting has resulted in many success stories for our customers. It is also a way to gain the highest benefits from seminar projects. The consulting areas include:

  1. Applications of statistical methods in all areas of R&D, manufacturing and quality. Examples include but are not limited to:
    • Identifying key causes of variability
    • Improving product and process designs
    • Setting specifications
    • Shortening development cycle
    • Assessing and improving measurement systems
    • Controlling production processes
    • Troubleshooting manufacturing
    • Establishing sampling plans
    • Various data analysis projects
  2. Developing guidance documents and standard operating procedures.
  3. Implementing six-sigma and leading six-sigma projects.
  4. Audits and evaluations.
  5. Overall planning and management of the effort to implement statistical methods.
  6. Software recommendations.

This is the creation of internal trainers who are well versed in statistics and the art of teaching statistics. Train-the-trainer option is available for each of our seminars. This is a rigorous program specifically tailored to the participants. It includes pre-tests, post-tests, joint consulting assignments and supervised teaching.

This is the creation of internal statistics consultants who are well-versed in statistics and the art of consulting. This is also a rigorous program specifically tailored to the participants. It includes extensive statistics education, actual application of statistical methods in the subject matter expert­s technical area of expertise and joint consulting assignments.

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