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Joglekar Associates, Inc. offers the following seminars on statistical methods for six sigma and business excellence. The seminars are intended for technical audiences, and no prior knowledge of statistics is presumed. Each seminar participant receives specially developed seminar manual and other materials. The seminars are practical in nature, are tailored to the needs of the participants and contain many case studies, examples and exercises. Selected software is used for data analysis.

1. Basic Statistics
2. Intermediate Statistics
3. Introduction to SPC
4. Advanced SPC
5. Screening Experiments
6. Optimization Experiments
7. Robust Design Method
8. Variance Components Analysis
9. Measurement Systems Analysis
10. Custom Seminars
11. Management Seminars

These seminars are often taught in combinations, such as Basic and Intermediate Statistics together, Introduction and Advanced SPC together, and Screening, Optimization and Robust design together.


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