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Variance Components Analysis

To economically reduce variability, it is important to understand the extent of variability, the causes of variability and the contribution of each cause to the total variability. This seminar introduces four key tools to understand variation: Multi-vari charts, variance components analysis, variance transmission analysis and economic loss functions. The combination of these tools not only permits a good understanding of variability and its causes but also allows improvement efforts to be correctly targeted on an economic basis. Topics include:

1. Concept of variance components
2. Multi-vari chart
3. Variance components from X-Bar chart
4. Fixed and random factors
5. One-way classification
6. Nested, crossed and mixed classifications
7. Typical manufacturing applications
8. Economic loss functions
9. Quality planning with variance components
10. Variance transmission analysis
11. Application to a factorial design
12. Variance component goals based upon specifications
13. Computer applications


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